Our Team

David Munro

ourteam1-315x288Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors

David is a seasoned executive and hands-on business manager with extensive experience in start-up technology ventures and Information Technology. In the 1980’s he was involved a number of major computerization projects with the military, including the US Navy nuclear submarine fleet at the Holy Loch in Scotland. Here, he assisted in the development of secure maintenance procedures for the submarines and weapons systems. David also designed and delivered logistics systems to the British Army for deployment throughout the world. From 1990 through 1997, he founded and managed a group of companies involved in training, publishing and communications utilizing leading edge technologies. After selling Mediacorp group in 1997, he became an Independent Business Consultant involved in corporate recovery and due diligence work for high net worth individuals. Since coming to the states in 2000, he turned around a dot.com start up, and has acted as an advisor on a range of business projects. David has spent the last 7 years helping develop new technologies and markets in the environmental space.

Aaron Alexander

ourteam2-315x288Lead Technician

Aaron Alexander has been the main assembler and lead technician of the Axion R/S and AxionGO systems since 2010. Alexander built his skills through 5 years of prior experience in precision CNC machining, manual machining, bending, turning, grinding, brazing, welding, custom die making, inspection/quality control, plastics, plating, electricity/electronics, automotive repair and print drawing and reading. Major projects and customers that Aaron participated with include, but are not limited to, General Electric freight train parts, United States Navy classified operations, United States Air force classified operations, Dunlop custom dies and Nascar high performance parts. He also has vast experience in residential and commercial construction. Through these experiences, Aaron has developed excellent people skills which have served him well during customer interaction situations. Aaron has successfully completed numerous training, testing, and consultation trips in only 3 years with GlobalMRV. With his understanding of applied science, he has exposed new ideas and new technologies to Global MRV, including partial inspiration and full creation of the first AxionGO. The AxionGO was featured and highlighted, along with Aaron’s skills on Mythbusters, a science related show which airs on the Discovery Channel. He also introduced the use of remote desktop capabilities to enhance customer experience, a concept being utilized and improved on currently. Aaron is a skilled research associate allowing him to seek and build new technological advancements adding to the superiority of GlobalMRV products. Aaron Alexander is currently developing the latest in the Global MRV product line.

Brian Beckmann

ourteam3-315x288Chief Software Designer and Analyst
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer

Brian Beckmann has developed and refined many of the present systems utilized by Global MRV and is considered an invaluable asset. Through hands-on experience and troubleshooting, as well as educational experiences, he has become a premiere research expert with data analysis abilities, which compliment his unique abilities in Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) testing and data collection. Beckmann’s professional experience include being Global MRV’s lead data analyst from 2006 to present, as well as lead scientist for multiple, ground breaking Global MRV projects, which include the Additive Testing to Reduce Emissions completed for Union Pacific Railroad. Beckmann has pioneered the development of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge software and hardware for multiple versions of the ‘Axion/Montana System’ platform, and is presently working on completing next generation concepts. Beckmann has a B.S. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University at Buffalo and is proficient computer data analysis software such as MatLab, LabView, and Microsoft Office (Excel). Brian Beckmann has been a Mechanical and Software engineer for Global MRV for over five years.

Earl Leatherland

33ee9b0-358x288Operations Manager

BSEE with Mathematics Concentration
AAS Broadcasting and Communications

In 1993, Leatherland was selected as one of only 200 management professionals chosen to participate in the General Electric (GE) Manufacturing Management Program, which included prominent participants such as Jack Welch. Leatherland has excelled as a product improvement and process engineer for several companies, to include GE and Tower Automotive, now known as Metalsa, Incorporated. In each of these positions, Leatherland was responsible for management of up to 160 employees and direction of the entire facility during overnight hours. Leatherland has developed creative advertisement, brochures and enticements for a number of organizations to include Clarkson University, Christian Aid Mission, Crosspoint, Elmwood, and Renovation. Leatherland is an engaging communicator and presenter with knowledge in various presentation and negotiation techniques developed as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Leatherland has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Concentration in Mathematics from Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York. He is proficient in database technology to include SQL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Quattro. Leatherland is experienced in using documentation and presentation software to include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Corel. He is also skilled in the majority of Adobe Software Products, including Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, etc Currently, Leatherland is focusing on facilities alterations for optimal process improvements and cost reductions paving the way for new product innovations.