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Data is the Future Currency

Fleet Interest in Visual Data Jeremy Muoio, director of fleet and asset management at MasTec — with a fleet of roughly 8,400 vehicles — is an advocate of telematics platforms. He uses telematics in his fleet, and constantly analyzes his platform to see how he can further optimize it.  Recently, his company changed the parameter… Continue Reading

Assistance In Perfecting Autonomous Vehicles

Apple is reducing the size of its workforce assigned to driverless car technology as the company reorganizes amid weakening sales of iPhones, its biggest moneymaker. The company acknowledged the cutbacks in a Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019, statement, without specifying the number of jobs affected. CNBC reported that more than 200 employees were dismissed from Apple’s… Continue Reading

Automobile Recall News

“Each year, there is a continual effort by OEMs to improve the quality of vehicles manufactured.” This statement really should be implicit and have no need to be repeated. However, it should also be known that extreme efforts are made and work on overall quality has never been reduced. Demand for the latest features, and… Continue Reading