PEMS AXIONGO: On-Board Tailpipe Emissions Tester

PEMS and Emissions TesterPEMS, Portable Emissions Measurement System, or On-Board Emissions Monitor devices are built for laboratory capabilities, on-the-road, for Real Driving Emissions (RDE).
Global MRV continues to produce the most compact Portable Emissions Measurement System, or RDE PEMS, the Axion™GO, weighing just 20lbs/12kgs.


The AxionGO measures mass-flow tailpipe gases, such as CO, CO2 , NO, HC, O2, in real time, for complete vehicle diagnostics in real driving emissions conditions.

  • PEMS RDE provides accurate and timely data for informed decision-making
  • Large fleet RDE data set collection is possible
  • Minimal set-up time < 2 hours with only one person
  • The only rapid deployment PEMS RDE
  • Data available in ready to use format
  • Pre-configured formats
  • User Defined for customized reports for RDE

The Axion™ series are powered by LabVIEW© software
Proprietary software translates into vehicle real driving emissions testing in Grams per X (mile, gallon, km, etc.)

Portable Emissions Measurement SystemPatented indirect exhaust flow measurement provides accurate PEMS flow data. On-board engine information captured with either Sensor Array Module or OBD.

24/7 support is included in the warranty with the purchase of every PEMS

This new generation of PEMS equipment offers truly portable fleet diagnostics capability for all modes of evaluation on road, off road and stationary. Continuously improving PEMS RDE technology for collecting, measuring, and analyzing diagnostic tailpipe gases, the Axion™ GO embodies the most innovative PEMS RDE concepts.

Benefits of Axion™ GO:

On-Board Emissions Monitor Devices

  • Ideal for RDE performance evaluation
  • Backup for R/S and R/S+
  • Validate process changes “on-the-fly” (RDE)
  • PEMSnet compatible
  • Powerful diagnostics in small package

Axion™ GO is a stand-alone vehicle real driving emissions testing system intended for use in obtaining emissions and vehicle data.

Axion™ GO comes standard in a weather-tight housing for continuous use during inclement conditions, the best of any RDE PEMS available.