GlobalMRV brings PEMS, micro-PEMS, and nano-PEMS technology that makes it possible to determine how a vehicle is performing in real time. A dynamometer can be up to 20% out of calibration, not real world driving conditions, and expensive. Using our EPA verified patented micro-PEMS technology, you can measure vehicle operations in a way that allows better decisions for your bottom line. PEMS provides empowered OEMs, fleet owners, managers and operators.

PEMS for Operational Improvements

Vehicle operation is heavily dependent on driver behavior. PEMS enhances insight into driver behavior in traffic patterns, congestion, health,etc. Global MRV can assess diagnostic tailpipe emissions levels and ECU information utilizing PEMS and assist the driver in making wise choices, thus making the fleet more efficient and productive while improving the environment.

PEMS for Technology Improvements

Global MRV provides quantitative measurement abilities and standards needed to assess current technology and assist in improving its effectiveness and impact. More data means more insight. Global MRV PEMS can measure, report, and verify the baseline fuel, power, drivetrain, or diagnostic tailpipe gas improvement. PEMS specific test cycles will pinpoint where the benefits and the losses of the technology are located. The Global MRV method dramatically accelerates ‘product to market’ time lines and provides valuable “real-world” experience with big data.

PEMS for Emissions Reporting for Governance

Global MRV gathers customer specific information on all federal, state and local reporting regulations and our PEMS keeps them in check. Make your life easier as this documentation is supplied directly to the you with a set of instructions for completion and submission or, Global MRV completes the same.

PEMS for Emissions Baseline Evaluation

PEMS consulting involves the process of obtaining an inventory of all emissions sources related to the customer’s fleet. A typical emissions test on one vehicle would take an average of four hours – during the test, a minimum of three hours of vehicle in use emissions and operational data will be collected to determine the Vehicle Emission Profile and Vehicle Operation Profile. Information output from the testing would include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrocarbon, particulate matter, power, fuel usage, etc.

PEMS for Route Characterization

Understanding fleet routes can be crucial when making decisions on purchasing vehicles or technologies. Global MRV’s PEMS approach is to obtain local and roadway specific data (e.g. road surface composition and grade, signal timing, congestion profile etc.) PEMS equipment is then installed on the test vehicles and driven on the specified routes. Fuel usage, time on route, percentage of time on route, idle time, driver behavior, etc., can then be compared and contrasted with diagnostic gas concentrations. Save your driver, your money, your fleet, your time, and your environment.

PEMS for Technology Validation

PEMS state-of-the-art equipment and various government-approved methods (Before and After, Concurrent, and Side by Side testing), a new technology can be verified for its’ actual real-world impact, validating manufacturer claims, static computer modeling or dynamometer testing. Insurance for ROI. This creates a validation protocol for fleet upgrades, enhancements, replacements, or modifications, and bases all decisions on fleet-specific realities.