Global MRV Inc. has developed a patented and EPA verified RDE (Real Driving Emissions) Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) to collect vehicle and emissions data from mobile sources (i.e. motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment,ships, etc.) in real world driving. With 20 years of PEMS testing technology and expertise, Global MRV is positioned on every continent to deal with developing RDE. With big data sample sizes, Global MRV Measurement, Reporting and Verification Service Company assists the RDE emissions sector worldwide. The company’s mission is to create value for small and large fleet operators by providing cost effective development and testing RDE PEMS to accurately measure vehicle performance. This allows us to provide advice on vehicle improvements to reduce costs and RDE.

Why People Choose Us For RDE (Real Driving Emissions) PEMS

No other RDE Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) has the ability to measure, report, and verify with the agility and dexterity possible within the Axion line’s compact technology. It boasts the smallest footprint of all competitors.

PEMS “portability” truly means it does require movement through the use of a forklift or crane, but movement from one vehicle to another quickly and soley utilizing human power. In our case the power of one individual making RDE PEMS possible, now.

RDE PEMS need to receive a statistically significant number of sampling points and time is of the essence. Any Global MRV product can be installed with 30 minutes and remain for hours, days, weeks, or months…depending on your needs. And further, the Axion line of RDE PEMS can be removed from one vehicle and moved to another in 30 minutes. Sample size is nearly infinite resulting in more reliable information for you to make an informed decision in real world driving conditions.

Our Best Services

Operational Improvements
Vehicle operation is heavily dependent on driver behavior and can be dynamically modified through the road design. Improvements in traffic patterns and congestion are continuously pursued; this applies to virtually every country, state, and city.

Technology Improvements
Global provides quantitative measurement abilities and standards needed to assess current technology and assist in improving its effectiveness and impact. By applying a new technology to an intended target market vehicle or facility in a controlled approach, Global MRV can measure, report, and verify the baseline fuel, power, or emissions reduction improvement.

Emissions Reporting for Governance
RDE PEMS from Global gather customer specific information on all federal, state and local reporting regulations. The applicable regulations are reduced to a simple, easy-to-understand reporting format, specifically designed to address the appropriate governmental content and layout.

“Our RDE PEMS products are designed to operate in real world driving environments. They provide cost effective alternatives to development projects and insight that offers new ways of achieving improvements.”

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