Real-Time, Mass-Flow Exhaust Emissions PEMS Accessories

A lawnmower pulling a portable emissions measurement system


Whether you’re looking for a robust solution for lawnmowers, ATVs, chainsaws, or weed whackers, our transportation-friendly PEMS Cart can handle your internal combustion engine (ICE) needs.


Exhaust Sample Chiller

Utilizing the latest chilling technology, this PEMS unit removes vapor, condensation, and humidity from small engine exhaust samples to create a uniform exhaust sample and eliminate inaccuracies in PM/PN readings. Get accurate PM/PN readings without the loss being absorbed into the water.


Vibration Dampener

Conquer rugged terrain and punishing testing environments with the most advanced PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS solutions on today’s market. With durable aluminum-reinforced frames and rubber air bladders, this PEMS product makes testing in harsh environments a (light) breeze.


Temperature Control Lines

Maintain a proper sample flow in temperatures of -40° Celsius and Fahrenheit and below. Temperature Control Lines can simplify and speed up data collection of your exhaust sample(s). Ensure a consistent temperature across inclement weather — especially in below-freezing temperatures — for all your exhaust samples.

What are GlobalMRV’s PEMS Accessories?

Whether you need help with extracting mass-flow exhaust emissions samples, conquering testing in punishing testing environments, or keeping a consistent temperature for your sampling and emissions-testing needs, GlobalMRV’s expert research and development team has just the thing for your emissions testing needs.

PEMS accessories help make measuring, verifying, and reporting exhaust emissions in real-driving environments (RDE) and lab settings easy and convenient.

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PEMS Measuring Tools and Equipment
for All Your Testing Needs


Easy to Deploy

GlobalMRV PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS units can set up in as little as 15 minutes


Flexible and Affordable

Our Hardware as a Service (Haas) model allows you to rent PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS for a fraction of the cost


Instant Results

Receive results instantly with our PEMS’ 24/7 monitoring capabilities

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