21st-Century Solutions for Emissions Management

The Facts

  • Traditional PEMS equipment can cost $300,000 or more, weighing 300 to 500 lbs. With GlobalMRV’s affordable PEMS, integrated, in-use PEMS (iPEMS), and miniPEMS, customers have access to 24/7, real time data at a quarter of the cost.
  • Data is beamed directly into the Cloud for easy access, storage, and remote retrieval.
  • Streaming Data acquisition takes 30 minutes or less to begin collection.
  • PEMS can measure mass-flow emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbon, and much more in real-time.
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GlobalMRV’s Emissions Testing By the Numbers


50+ impact factors


50+ data points collected, every second, in each vehicle test


More than $5,000,000 saved on dynamometer and RDE testing in the last 5 years alone


15-20 minutes to install; compact 16x12x5” size


10 or more types of gas analyses are performed every second of every test

Tailor-Made Data Management Solutions


What’s Included in GlobalMRV’s Data Management Solutions?

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How Will Data Management and Analytics Be Accessed?

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Why Choose GlobalMRV’s Data Management Solutions?

Our Featured PEMS Products


Firefly PEMS

Analyzes emissions in real driving environments (RDE)

Measures trace ambient pollutants. Real-time ETAS INCA integrated data available; Records temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and traffic conditions


Axion R/S+ PEMS

Lightweight PEMS solution for in-lab and on-road testing

Ideal for use in all kinds of vehicles including off-highway, ATV, motorcycle, and conventional light/heavy-duty road vehicles


Axion RS+ NH3 PEMS

Lightweight PEMS solution with robust NH3 analyzer

Similar to the Axion R/S+, this iPEMS solution and emissions testing machine uses an NH3 analyzer, patented particulate matter formula, and laser light scattering technique



The most flexible solutions for PEMS to date

Measuring emissions from small internal combustion engines (ICEs) just got easier. Compact and reliable, our Backpack PEMS is one of the most versatile and dependable emissions monitoring tools on the market.



Quality PEMS solutions to handle small internal combustion engines (ICE)

Whether you’re looking for a robust solution for lawnmowers, ATVs, chainsaws, or weed whackers, our transportation-friendly PEMS Cart can handle your ICE needs.


Sample Conditioning System

Condition exhaust samples;
better control for humidity and condensation

Protect your tools from the elements: reduce harmful humidity and condensation (for analytics tools measuring PM, PN, CO, CO2, NO, HC, and more)


Temperature Control Line

Helps maintain consistent temperatures on your equipment

Ensure a consistent temperature across inclement weather — especially in below- freezing temperatures. Temperature Control Line can simplify and speed up data collection of your exhaust sample(s).


Vibration Dampener

Reduce rugged terrain interference

Conquer rugged terrain and punishing testing environments with the most advanced PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS solutions on today’s market. With durable aluminum-reinforced frames and rubber air bladders, this PEMS product makes testing in harsh environments a breeze.


Exhaust Sample Chiller

Sample conditioning for more accurate PM/PN readings

Get accurate PM/PN readings without the loss being absorbed into the water. Utilizing the latest chilling technology, this PEMS unit removes vapor, condensation, and humidity from small engine exhaust samples to give you quick and accurate results.

Welcome to GlobalMRV

Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s solutions.

Let’s build a greener tomorrow together.

A Global Presence

Our trusted partners include research and development think tanks, original equipment manufacturers, academic institutions, business enterprises, and emissions-testing facilities the world over.

Why Choose GlobalMRV?

Our Experience

Founded in 2010, we’ve helped OEMs and companies save more than $5,000,000 on traditional dynamometer and real driving emissions (RDE) testing for clients of all different industries and niches. Our partnership with Ph.D. researchers, managers, analysts, engineers, and technicians have run more than 60 different types of diagnostic testing regimes and supported over hundreds of different vehicles and engines for overall emissions reduction and calibration testing.

Our HaaS Model

With our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model, customers may choose to purchase or rent PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS units for a fraction of the cost without losing any valuable benefits. Data privacy laws apply. To protect clients’ privacy, all insights gleaned from our PEMS units are secure and kept 100% confidential.

Size and Support

At GlobalMRV, we subscribe to a “think global, act local” mentality. When you partner with us, you’ll have the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a global network of engineers, research and development staff, analysts, and managers coupled with the attention, personalization, and customizability of a small-owned business. We’ll help you make a global impact with localized support.

Testimonials and Reviews

Over 4,000 km of emissions data collected

”We’ve been investigating the effects of blending hydrogen with diesel on Class 8 trucks. We’re looking at how truck performance is affected with released emissions. The emissions are planned to be tested dynamically while the truck is moving and operating. We used GlobalMRV’s PEMS units, and we succeeded in collecting emission data for almost 4,000 km. Thank you, GlobalMRV.”

Muhammad, University of Alberta; Alberta Motor Transport Association

Quality products offered with stand-up customer service

“I couldn’t be more impressed with GlobalMRV’s offerings and customer service. Jeremy and Earl have been a huge help; they patiently explained how their Firefly and Axion systems work. I have a much better understanding of the impact vehicle emissions have on the environment. I’m thrilled to continue doing business with them.”

Aaron W.

Knowledgeable staff and innovative vehicle emissions solutions

“Thank you GlobalMRV for helping my company stay up to speed on recent environmental legislation. Your knowledge about sustainability, data management solutions, and emissions testing technology has been a game changer for our company’s core operations!”

Tom V.


Easy to Deploy

GlobalMRV PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS units can set up in as little as 15 minutes


Flexible and Affordable

Our Hardware as a Service (Haas) model allows you to rent PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS for a fraction of the cost


Instant Results

Receive results instantly with our PEMS’ 24/7 monitoring capabilities

Ready to Get Started?

GlobalMRV helps institutions measure, report, and verify emissions for all different testing needs. Contact us today for a risk-free, complimentary consultation.

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