Real-Time, Fixed and Mobile
Particulate Matter Data Collection

What is GlobalMRV’s Axion R/S+ Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS)?

GlobalMRV’s Axion R/S+ is the world’s first mini PEMS with particulate matter (PM) measurement and remote monitoring capabilities. It’s one of the most versatile and lightweight PEMS solutions on the market today. Easy to install and operate, Axion R/S+ measures mass-flow emissions of CO, CO₂, NO, HC, O₂, and PM in real-time.

Using LabVIEW©-based proprietary technology, Axion R/S+ provides accurate and timely information for decision-making. The flexibility, minimal set-up time, and rapid deployment of Axion R/S+ PEMS enable large fleets to collect comprehensive exhaust flow data for immediate use. Measuring more than 50+ impact factors, Axion is a versatile solution for on-road and in-lab emissions data analysis.

Versatile, Lightweight, and Quick Data Acquisition for In-Lab and On-Road Environments

How does Axion R/S+ PEMS work?

Axion R/S+ PEMS can be placed anywhere in or on the vehicle, hooks up with simple wiring, and connects with your vehicle’s OBD port. Installed in an industry-leading 15-20 minutes, Axion R/S+ PEMS gives a smooth signal of delivery, allowing users to measure, verify, and report CO, CO₂, NO, HC, O₂ and PM exhaust emissions, and other key calibration data.

Our 4th-generation Axion R/S+ PEMS delivers accurate and reliable emissions data all while measuring trace ambient pollutants and delivering comprehensive data reports. Best of all, Axion R/S+ can be rented as part of our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) package.

Onsite, online, phone, and email support are included with a qualifying Axion R/S+ PEMS HaaS agreement.

Measures CO, CO₂, NO, HC, O₂, PM, and More


21.7”L x 16.9”W x 8.5”H (550mm x 430mm x 215mm)

Weight, Power, and Flow

Weight: 39 lbs. (17.7 kg)

Power: 12 to 14 VDC

Amperage: 5-8 amps

Gas Data Sampling Rate: 1 hertz

Sample Flow: 10 liters/minute

Parameters Measured and Calculated

  • Time, vehicle speed, RPM, intake air temperature, manifold absolute pressure, and/or mass airflow, intake air flow
  • Grams of pollutant per second (g/s), exhaust air flow, and fuel consumption
  • Multipoint Calibration
  • Pollutants:
    CO, CO₂, and HC: Using Dual Non-Dispersive Infrared Analyzers
    NO and O₂: Using Dual Electrochemical Cells
  • Optional:
    NO: UVRAS option available
    – Incoming and outgoing humidity measurement and compensation
    – Particulate Mass Measurement
    – Particle Number Measurement
    – Multipoint Calibration capabilities

Data Analytics

  • 50+ impact factors
  • 50+ data points every second of every test
  • 10+ gas analyses are performed every second of every test
  • Particulate matter is measured utilizing a complete laser-light scattering technique.
  • Axion data is available for review within 5 minutes of post-test data uploads.
  • GlobalMRV portal with optional additional vehicle maintenance data analytics
  • With the portal, set up customized alerts, display data over maps for instant route event insights, and create customizable dashboards to display test data for your needs
  • Downloadable raw data files displaying large datasets (can be displayed for spreadsheets)
  • PM module: PM10, PM2.5
  • Optional modules:
    – TDLS NH₃ (Ammonia) Module
    Ambient Sensor Module: Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure
  • Control Area Network (CAN) and CAN flexible data (CAN FD) compatible
  • Compatible with ETAS INCA


Applicable operational engines include vehicles operating in real-world driving conditions, such as:

  • Lawn equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Trucks and semi-trucks
  • Construction equipment
  • Marine vessels
  • Locomotives

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

On the fence about making an Axion R/S+ PEMS purchase? Try it out with our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) rental package.

Customers looking to enjoy the Axion R/S+ PEMS without making a PEMS purchase outright can rent our PEMS, mini-PEMS, and iPEMS devices as part of our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) package plan.

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Easy to Deploy

GlobalMRV PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS units can set up in as little as 15 minutes


Flexible and Affordable

Our Hardware as a Service (Haas) model allows you to rent PEMS, iPEMS, and mini-PEMS for a fraction of the cost


Instant Results

Receive feedback and results instantly with our 24/7 monitoring capabilities

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