PEMS AXIONR/S+: On-Board Emissions Tester

The Axion RS+ PEMS offers all the features of the Axion RS but adds a Particulate Mass (PM) analyzer. The Axion RS+ is a highly versatile and lightweight PEMS solution that is easy to install and operate. The Axion RS+ delivers consistent results measuring CO, CO2, NO, O2, HC and PM in a robust and compact package, and comes complete with all necessary accessories.

Our customers can get more tests done with the Axion PEMS system as it is designed for rapid deployment for individual tests both in the lab and on the road offering maximum flexibility with low operating costs.

It is ideal for use in all kinds of vehicles, including off-highway, ATVs, motorcycles as well as conventional light and heavy-duty road vehicles.

Axion RS+ PDF File

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