Hydrocarbon Emission Control: Discover the Power of PEMS/iPEMS

By Globalmrv

Updated 2 January 2024

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To build a cleaner and more sustainable future, we must continue to monitor and reduce hydrocarbon (HC) emissions from various sources. This blog explores the revolutionary technologies of Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS), integrated PEMS (iPEMS), and Micro-PEMS.

We’ll shed light on how these technologies can accurately measure and mitigate hydrocarbon emissions. Let’s dive in. 

PEMS: A portable revolution

Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) have transformed the landscape of emissions monitoring. These portable devices provide real-time data on pollutant levels, allowing for on-road and in-field measurements.

PEMS play a crucial role in helping teams better understand the dynamic nature of hydrocarbon emissions from vehicles and industrial processes. These technologies are key to helping enable the construction of more effective environmental regulatory measures.

iPEMS: Integrate precision into monitoring

Integrated PEMS (iPEMS) take the capabilities of PEMS one step further: iPEMS integrate seamlessly with existing vehicle and industrial control systems.

This technology’s integration provides a more comprehensive understanding of hydrocarbon emissions in real-world scenarios. iPEMS offer enhanced accuracy and reliability.

These robust systems enable industries to pinpoint emission sources and optimize business processes for improved environmental performance.

Micro-PEMS: Unleash nano-level precision

At the forefront of innovation, Micro-PEMS deliver nano-level precision to hydrocarbon emission measurement. These miniature devices — often equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence — enable highly detailed monitoring processes in confined spaces.

Micro-PEMS open new frontiers for emission control. They offer industry leaders and operations teams creative solutions for emissions measurement, monitoring, and control — especially in industries where the use of traditional measurement methods may be challenging.

Applications in vehicle emissions control

PEMS, iPEMS, and Micro-PEMS offer extensive applications in the pursuit of controlling hydrocarbon vehicle emissions. PEMS — portable in nature — provide valuable insights into real-world driving conditions, thus helping manufacturers optimize engine performance accordingly.

iPEMS use a holistic approach to emissions reduction: through real-time feedback and adjustment, iPEMS seamlessly integrate with vehicle control systems.

Overall, Micro-PEMS — which are built for precision — contribute to the development of cleaner and more efficient vehicle technologies. 

A microscopic approach to industrial processes

In industrial settings, the need for precise emission control is critical. PEMS facilitate on-site measurement; these devices help industries identify emission hotspots. With quality and reliable data, businesses can then optimize their operations accordingly.

By integrating with industrial control systems, iPEMS offer a centralized approach to emissions management.

Finally, we introduce Micro-PEMS.

Built for their microscopic precision, these technologies are invaluable for business leaders. Micro-PEMS help teams monitor emissions from specific industrial equipment and help personnel make targeted improvements. 

Challenges and future prospects

While PEMS, iPEMS, and Micro-PEMS hold great promise in hydrocarbon emission measurement and reduction, challenges persist. Calibration, standardization, and cost-effectiveness are hot topics of ongoing consideration.

However, companies continue to make ongoing advancements in sensor technologies and data analytics to address these pervasive challenges.

GlobalMRV: Paving the way for effective emissions control

The development and integration of PEMS, iPEMS, and Micro-PEMS marks a significant leap forward in the quest for effective hydrocarbon emission control. From on-road monitoring to industrial processes, these technologies offer a versatile toolkit for understanding, measuring, and mitigating hydrocarbon emissions.

At GlobalMRV, we’re reshaping the way the planet does hydrocarbon emissions control — one portable emissions measurement system at a time. As we, as a society, continue to refine and enhance emissions measurement systems, GlobalMRV will be right there with you providing you with solutions to help you bring about a cleaner, greener planet for us all.

At GlobalMRV, we’ve collected and analyzed tens of thousands of hours of reliable data for clients of all different industries and niches. Our partnerships of Ph.D. researchers, managers, analysts, engineers, and technicians have run more than 60 different types of diagnostic testing regimes, supported over 100 different vehicles and engines, and saved companies millions on traditional dynamometer and real driving emissions (RDE) testing. To get started with PEMS, contact us today.

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