GlobalMRV is introducing the latest Micro “Portable Emissions Monitoring Systems” (PEMS) for real-time, real-world fixed, mobile and marine feedback. The Axion™R/S+ measures mass-flow emissions of CO, CO2, NO, HC, O2, PM, and NH3 in real time.

  • Provides accurate and timely data for informed decision-making
  • Large fleet data set collection is possible
  • Minimal set-up time < 2 hours, one person
  • Rapid deployment
  • Data available in ready to use format
  • Pre-configured formats
  • User Defined for customized reports

The Axion™ series are powered by LabVIEW© – based proprietary Software, translates into cutting-edge vehicle emissions testing in Grams per X (mile, gallon, km, etc.) using patented indirect exhaust flow measurement to provide the most accurate PEMS flow data. On-board engine information is captured with either Sensor array Module or Vehicle/vessel computer link software.

+PM Module: Particulate Matter (PM) is measured utilizing the process of a proprietary laser light scattering technique. The fully integrated “plug and play” PM Module easily fits into the existing Axion™R/S footprint.

+NH3 Module: Ammonia (NH3) is measured utilizing Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS) approach. The NH3 Module is highly selective, has a fast response and continuous sensor status monitoring, and is span stable.