Powerful & Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS)

Global MRV (Measure, Report, Verify) designs and manufactures the industry’s most compact and powerful, truly portable, emissions measurement systems (PEMS) and provides full technical support services to customers in the development of their test plans, procedures and protocols.

From compact cars to large diesel vehicles including on-road, off-road, and marine vessels Global MRV has become a leader in combustion emissions testing. We have assisted many of our clients in devising and implementing test plans to measure emissions on include yard equipment, all-terrain vehicles, Motorcycles, mopeds, generators, forklifts, plus many other machinery powered by internal combustion engines.

Global MRV PEMS products are capable of measuring emissions during normal vehicle operation with minimal disruption to vehicle schedule, service, or route. Our “micro” PEMS are capable of measuring second-by-second mass emissions for real world, in-use operational data; the data you need to make informed decisions on the deployment and maintenance of your fleet. Our micro PEMS products are versatile, compact, lightweight, and easily installed, on any vehicle – within minutes. The real value that Global MRV provides is real-world vehicle emissions information. This information, built from data the PEMS collects, is crucial for quantifying the benefits of any emissions reduction strategy;

  • traffic pattern adjustment
  • diesel retrofit scheduling
  • fuel additive / catalyst
  • run-time reduction
  • maintenance scheduling, or planning
  • programming and coordination of transit investments

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