Annual PEMS Conference

Annual PEMS Conference
MARCH 14 & 15, 2019
Bourns Technology Center
1200 Columbia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92507
This two-day event gathers leaders form all areas of measurement systems, including fully compliant regulatory PEMS (1065 Compliant PEMS) and small systems, which include everything from micro PEMS (uPEMS), nano PEMS (nPEMS), in-situ sensors, activity measurements (PAMS), Real Emissions Assessment and Logging (REAL), to Simple Emissions Measurement Systems (SEMS). This year’s theme will focus on “Evolving from the Laboratory to the Real World.”

By clicking here, you will be taken to the different presentations given by PEMS customers and experts. Global MRV is featured in presentations given by Dr. Kent Johnson and our work with him on the Discovery Channel show “Mythbusters.” Also, we have been extensively reviewed and reported on by John Karim of the California Air Resources Board. Take a peek.

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